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  • Silence shall be observed at all times in all parts of the Library.
  • Loud discussions, smoking, eating, playing cards, or engaging in activities disruptive of Library operations are strictly prohibited.
  • Students shall be subjected to disciplinary action for any of the following acts: (a) any form of dishonesty, deception or fraud in borrowing/using Library materials; (b) gross and deliberate discourtesy; (c) damaging or defacing Library property; (d) unlawful taking of Library property.
  • Students are required to present their duly countersigned ID cards when entering the Library and checking out any library material. 
  • Any person who lends his/her Identification Card shall have his/her Library privileges suspended for not more than one semester. Similarly, any user who uses an Identification Card not his/her own shall be subjected to the same penalties. 
  • Students caught defacing, mutilating or stealing any Library material or property will be fined and required to replace the same or pay the replacement and processing cost. In appropriate cases, the additional penalty of suspension or expulsion shall be imposed. 
  • Bags and other big containers must be deposited at the baggage depository.
  • Wet umbrellas should not be brought inside the Library. 
  • Students should present books and personal belongings for inspection upon leaving the Library. 
  • Students are reminded to use the comfort rooms properly. 
  • Students are advised to read notices and be guided accordingly by notices posted at the service areas. 
  • A student who fails to settle his/her Library accountabilities will not be: (a) allowed to register; (b) permitted to use the Library; (c) issued a University clearance. 
  • Mobile phones and other gadgets must be put on silent mode when inside the Library.
  • For everyone’s security, the Library is equipped with CCTV. However, everybody is advised not to leave their personal belongings unattended.


The Identification Card (ID), issued by the Office of the University Registrar and duly countersigned by the Library Staff, is your permit to enter and use the facilities of the Library. The countersigned ID should also be presented to the desk assistants when checking out Library materials.