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  1. Faculty members, whether temporary, contractual or lecturer, may borrow a maximum of ten books for a period of one month. The books may be renewed for another month if there is no prior reservation request from another user, in which case, the books may not be renewed.
  2. Faculty members are entitled to a Single Sign-On (SSO) Online Resources Remote Platform through OpenAthens in support to research and information needs on their classes using their UP Mail.
  3. A plagiarism checker for submitted student papers, Turnitin, is accessible here.
  4. At the start of the school year, the Library conducts orientation talks to freshmen on Library services. Library instructions on conducting literature search using electronic and print resources are likewise conducted by the Library to students enrolled in thesis and research writing. Faculty members who wish to schedule Library orientations and instructions are requested to advise the Library beforehand.
  5. Document delivery is a service of the Library to members of the academe. Articles and book chapters from journals, books, e-resources and other materials not available in the Library can be requested through librarians. Document delivery can be requested through this e-mail address: Specific details regarding the material being requested, i.e., doi of the article (if available), name of author/s, title of the article/chapter, the title of the journal/book where it appeared, place and date of publication (if available), page numbers of the article, should be indicated. Scanned, photocopied or photographed images of the article or book chapter will be sent electronically to the email address of the requester or will be delivered personally.
  6. Before-due-date-recall is a notice given to faculty members who have books that are due in two or three days. This service ensures that faculty members do not incur overdue fines as they are reminded to return or renew borrowed materials before due date.
  7. During this pandemic, in support to online & remote learning, all requests are accepted through the online forms available on our website.