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Mr. Saboy’s papers consist mostly of documents on the Kalinga bodong and pagta, the indigenous peace and conflict settlement process; and papers on Cordillera autonomy.

Scope and Contents Notes

   The papers of Mr. Augustus U. Saboy were donated to the UP Baguio Cordillera/Northern Luzon Archives on May 7, 2010 by his son, Scott, a faculty member of UP Baguio’s College of Arts and Communication. Mr. Saboy’s papers consist mostly of documents on the Kalinga bodong and pagta, the indigenous peace and conflict settlement process; and papers on Cordillera autonomy. 

   The Saboy collection is contained in 5 boxes.

Biographical Note

   Augustus Saboy, Gus as he is fondly called, was a Tinguian born on May 3, 1928 in Balbalasang, Balbalan, Kalinga. He received his BS Education degree from the Silliman University (1953) and his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Baguio Colleges Foundation (1963) where he also attended 2 years of law school.

   Gus Saboy is a journalist by profession having worked in various capacities as news reporter, editor, correspondent, and writer in both print and broadcast media in government as well as private organizations. Among the media outfit he worked for are The Baguio Midland Courier, Philippine News Service, Philippine News Agency, Baguio Daily Vibrations, The Highland Sentinel and Radyo ng Bayan.

   He served as executive assistant of the Office of the Governor, provincial secretary, provincial administrator and provincial planning and development coordinator of Kalinga Apayao. He was appointed as Bureau Chief of the Philippine News Agency in 1984 and station manager of the Radyo ng Bayan Kalinga-Apayao in 1986. In 1989 he was designated provincial executive officer of the Cordillera Bodong Administration. He also served as Executive Director of the Cordillera Executive Board.

   A known scholar and student of Cordillera history, he has written numerous articles on Cordillera historical and cultural topics. He was an active participant in the peace process of the Cordillera. His integrity, long stint and broad and multifaceted experiences in both the public and private service has earned him the respect and trust of peoples and leaders of the Cordillera.

   Gus was married to Antalia Magkachi Saboy, a retired DECS Education Supervisor, with whom he had 4 children.

Box Lists

•CBA/CPLA Binodngan Federation April 22-24 1993 Resolutions

•CAR Papers/Reference/File


•Proposed Reenactment of Mt. Data Sipat

•10th CAR Foundation Day July 15, 1997 (no folder)

•On the Cordillera Peace Talks and on the Question of Representation of the Peoples of the Mountain Region

•Cordillera Day ‘97

•Feb. 20, 1994 CBA “Congress” at Bulanao, Tabuk & Manabo Pagta

•Cordillera Chronology


•Kordilyera Regional Autonomy : Some Prospects by Maximo B. Garming

•Clippings Autonomy

•CAR Regional Development Summit on Pole Vaulting to the 21st Century-May 19, 1997

•Bodong 1981 Bodong Data-CBL Report

•Caoili Papers (no folder)

•Bodong KISSM 1986 KBF Convention 1986 Bodong Convention

•11 pages of photos (with caption but 2 pp. without photos) (no folder)

•News clipping “Kalinga’s restore ‘Bodong’ ties

•Minutes of the Budong Conference held at the KSDR Office, Lubuagan Kalinga-Apayao on Oct. 21, 1977 to Mr. Augustus U. Saboy, Provincial Administrator, Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga-Apayao.

•Clippings: Gov. Juan M. Duyan; Kalinga peace pacts

•1968 Photos-Inaugural Rites 1968 1st Elected Provincial Officials

•Mangali-Lubo Tribal Conflict (Background Report)

•Sumadel-Botbot Peace Pact Restoration Drive

•CBA CPLA NATP Chronology

•CBA CPLA/Yag-o Obar includes: CPLA Mt. Data Documents

•1978 Advance Situational Report on the Chico River Hydro Project no. IV (no folder)

•Clipping: Gomonit Killing in Tinglayan, Kalinga Settled out of Court the Tribal Way (no folder)

•“Report on the Plebiscite on RA 8438 in the Province of Kalinga” (no folder)

•Position Paper: Restoration of the KSDR Under Direct Supervision of the Office of the President and its Operational Base at Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga (no folder)

•Chico Dam 4 Hydroelectric Project Inter Agency Coordinating Council

•Cordillera Bodong Association Congress April 12-14, 1986 Balbalasang

•Gov. Almazan Report – Rono March 1983

•Letter to HE President FEM “Correcting and straightening the intentional distortions of facts presented by a handful of military officers assigned in the province of Kalinga-Apayao, picturing Gov. Tanding B. Odiem as “anti-government, adamant and very uncooperative” to the peace and order drive in Kalinga-Apayao.

•Folder labeled Local Government Center, College of Public Administration, P.O. Box 474 but contains civil security primer pamphlet among others

•Clippings folder: Autonomy; death of Ayangwa


•Letter of Bargas re: Protest Memoirs

•Belac, D.T. Gov. Suspension Papers

•Cordi Day 1994 LES PDF

•Ordillo (Supreme Court) Autonomy

•Letter of C. Balweg to Mr. Gus Saboy (no folder)

•MOA on the Cordillera ceasefire between RUC 1 – RUC 2, NAFP, and CPLA (no folder)

•Macli-ing / Chico Dam


•Gullayan, Abe

•Autonomy Clippings References

•Cordillera Organic Act

•Resolution Recommending Mr. A. U. Saboy, Member, CEB, to the Position of E. D. CEB

•Dir. Augustus Saboy Kalinga Ethnolinguistic Representative Briefing Kit

•CBA-CBA Constitution; CBA Pagta, CRDC-Adm. Order

•CBA/CPLA Split 1994 CBA Special Congress; GPR-MNLF (Talking Pts.) Peace Talks, Tripoli Agreement

•NAFP-CPLA Ceasefire

•The PNS Correspondent


•Bodong – Tribal Peacemaking by Luis Ao-as

•After Operation Report Re Restoration of Severed Peace Pact between Butbut Tribe of Tinglayan vs. Lubo Tribe of Tanudan, Mabongtot Tribe of Lubuagan vs. Tulgao Tribe…

•Guina-ang – Lubuagan Tribal Conflict Summary Report on Negotiations

•Letter of Feliza “Singawan” Baking (Peace Pact Holder, Tobog Tribe), to Mr. Pablito Magmoyao (Peace Pact Holder Banao Tribe)  

•Cawilan, Esteban M., Ex-Mayor and Bodong Holder, Letter to the CEB dated Sept. 12, 1988 Re: Limos Tribe.

•Lubo – Mangali Tribal War

•Proposals to the 5th Bodong Congress, April 26-28, 2002, Tinglayan, Kalinga Province

•Origin of Bodong in Kalinga, Peden Said Bontok by Roman Santos

•Project Proposal KBC : Advocacy Program of KBC

•Bodong Development Cooperative

•Banao Bodong Federation

•Kalinga’s Evicted from Homeland by Camilo Lammawin ; Press Release of Senator Perez

•Pangol – Bacarri Bodong ; Bacarri National High School Episode

•Kalinga Pagta’n di Bodong Kalinga Peace Pact Code

•Lubo – Mangali Tribal War 1982; Kia Wounded Casualties

•Restored Peace Pact Sumadel and Botbot

•Peace Pact (Bodong) Settlement

•Pagta – Lammawin – Saboy Proposal to Gov. Almazan Jan 5/81

•Proto Pagta KBC ; Roster of Peace Pact Holders; Matagoan Congress Baguio Oct. 10, 1993

•The Pagta Annotated Final Draft

•Matagoan Congress, Easter School Oct. 10, 1993

•1982 Bodong Convention BIBAK – NAS; 1986 KBF Convention

•Bodong Ao-as Tribal Peace Making

•Mayor Batag Shooting (Bangad) Sept 25/78

•3 Clippings on Budong from the Midland Courier (in folder with label “For Xeroxing”)

•2 Clippings on Kalinga and Rev. Luis L. Ao-as’ Tribal Peacemaking : Proposal Strategies and Skills

•Balatoc Lubuagan Bodong 1995

•Tribal Pact : Taloctoc – Lubuagan 1985

•Bodong Tulgao – Lubuagan

•Odiem to Tubban Actg. KBF President (Bodong)

•Bodong Conference

•Lubuagan – Naneng Bodong (label on flap “Bodong Outline”)

•Biga – Calaccad Peace Pact Disputes

•Bodong Tulgao – Buaya

•1982 Bodong Convention/Congress BIBAK-NAS

•Upper Kalinga Bodong Convention

•Radyong Bayan

•Cordillera Report : Another Face of Philippines ; Igorots Teach Us an Alternative Way Toward Post-Modern Society (Pamphlet)

•Status Quo Ante Order Finally Clarified by the Supreme Court for Gov. Rommel W. Diasen

•Kalinga has 2 Provincial Governors: News Release No.0042K

•Bulanao Market Incident Between Butbut and Lubo Students (February 6)

•Catholic Mission (Kalinga)

•Leadership Crisis in Kalinga Journal (Dec. 15, 2000)

•Letter from Popoy

•DZRK Memo of Agreement

•Population Data (Kalinga-Apaya) Kalinga-Apayao Facts/Figures

•Corporate Seal of the Province of Kalinga (no folder)

•Balbalan Minahang Bayan

•3 Maps of Kalinga (no folder)

•Yamashita Treasure Tinoc, Ifugao

•Class – Blg. LGU Reclassification 1997 Blg. Memo 97-3 (36)

•DZRK Radio

•1982 Bodong Congress Photos


•Chico Dam Papers; Macli-ing Death “Who” Article ; PANAMIN – Chico Dam 4

•Bodong – “BUTU”

•Pagta’n Di Bodong (Pagta Final Draft)

•Pagta (For styling)

•Provincial Seal

•Pollution on BB Mines

•Official Report on the Death of Mayor Alngag

•Executive Orders

•Clippings Kalinga-Apayao 1960-78

•News Clippings References

•The 20th MFPI Congress April 19-24, 1999 Kalinga Brochure

•Inaugural Program of 3rd Elective Officials, Kalinga-Apayao, 3/3/1980

•Inauguration & Blessing of the Bulanao Parish Chuch 4/10/77

•Kalinga-Apayao Provincial Agricultural and Cultural Fair 6/18-22/81

•227 Film negatives in paper envelopes
•78 Film negatives in plastic containers
•Numerous film negatives in plastic sleeves

•59 photographs 

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