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Bibliotex Digital Library eBooks

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     Brand-new platform for academic and institutional libraries worldwide with science, technology and humanities e-Books in various subject areas. The platform has been built specifically with libraries and institutions in mind to allow them to access content of their specific needs. With over 1200 e-Books available and over 500 new e-Books added to their platform each year providing libraries and institutions flexibility to build specific collections which best fit their needs and budgets.

Subject Coverage:
From Introductory textbooks for undergraduate to research Monographs, we cover wide range of subjects such as Agriculture and Life Sciences, Animal and Veterinary Science, Aquaculture and Fisheries, Business and Management, Careers, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Science, Education, Psychology, Engineering and Technology, Food Science, Health, Nutrition, Healthcare, Hospitality and Tourism, Language and Linguistics, Law and Criminology, Library and Information Science, Marine, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Political Science, Public Administration, Social Science and Vocational Education.

» Access: On campus within UP Baguio and remote access available via OpenAthens.
» Expiry: Perpetual (No expiration)

 2020 New Titles
                    Advancement in Library and Information Science
                    Assistive Technologies in the Library
                    Building Corporate Libraries
                    Business Information Protocols and Library Science
                    Classification System in Library Collections
                    Data Storage and Information System in Libraries
                    Design, Development and Management of Resources for Digital Library
                    Digital Libraries: Methods and Applications
                    Evaluation and Library Decision Making
                    Information Technology And Library: Managing Transformative Library Services

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