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JSTOR Business I-IV

JSTOR offers a high-quality, interdisciplinary archive to support scholarship and teaching. It includes archives of over one thousand leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as select monographs and other materials valuable for academic work. 

JSTOR Arts and Sciences Collection I-XI cover the following disciplines:
           Arts & Sciences I     :     Core research and society publications in the represented disciplines

          Arts & Sciences II    :      Adds depth to many disciplines introduced in Arts & Sciences I in addition to offering core titles in new disciplines
                                                      (sponsored subscription, in perpetuity)

          Arts & Sciences III    :     Draws on titles across the language, performing, and visual arts; features the largest cluster of titles on Eastern
                                                       and Western religions on JSTOR; includes all titles from the Music Collection

        Arts & Sciences IV    :     Includes noteworthy student-run law reviews, featuring more than a century of top legal scholarship accessible                                                                 for research across other fields of study

         Arts & Sciences V     :     Includes important literary reviews and state historical titles; widens the scope of core disciplines in the arts                                                                      and humanities. 

       Arts & Sciences VI     :     Extends coverage in disciplines across the social sciences; adds international depth to disciplines extensively
                                                       covered in other Arts & Sciences collections

      Arts & Sciences VII    :     Focused on more than 30 arts, humanities, and social science disciplines on JSTOR, as well as business, finance,                                                               and health science fields; captures titles that cross discipline boundaries, with titles in more disciplines than in                                                                   any other JSTOR collection 

      Arts & Sciences VIII  :      Broadens coverage of core humanities disciplines; features rare 19th- and early 20th-century American art                                                                         periodicals from the Frick, the Met, and the Brooklyn Museum; contains noteworthy titles such as Poetry and BOMB

      Arts & Sciences IX      :      Widens JSTOR’s coverage in business and the social sciences; contains journals published in over 25                                                                                       countries; signed content begins in 1853 

     Arts & Sciences X       :      Social science journals with a focus on science and social science theory, data, and analysis; includes new                                                                           disciplines such as Transportation Studies and Development Studies

      Arts & Sciences XI    :      Contains content from 15 countries; includes premier titles such as The American Scholar, RSA Journal, and Black                                                             Scholar; current journals available for 25 titles from 8 publishers

JSTOR Business I-IV

JSTOR Business I-IV Collections cover the following disciplines:  

         The 48 titles in the Business I Collection are drawn from Arts & Sciences I, II, and IV. The collection brings together core titles in economics 
         and finance, including publications from leading scholarly societies and a range of critical research journals in accounting, labor relations,                 marketing, management, operations research, and risk assessment.

         Business II features more than 60 titles, all of which are drawn from Arts & Sciences IV, VI, and VII. The collection broadens the range of                   international business titles and includes a number of journals that explore the intersections between economics and law, policy, and                         psychology.

         Business III covers core business fields such as economics, business administration, and finance; features a robust group of non-U.S. titles             as well as prominent titles in public administration, business history, accounting, management, and marketing

        With more than 50 titles, the Business IV Collection builds on the strong economics and business foundation of the Business I, II, and                        III Collections. Business IV increases JSTOR’s coverage in core fields such as economics, management, industrial relations, and finance, with            a  broad international scope. The collection will also contain prominent titles in microeconomics (especially behavioral, labor, health, urban,              and development economics) and management (including supply chain management and decision science).  

        Notable Titles:

                       Oxford Review of Economic Policy
                       Cambridge Journal of Economics
                       Journal of Economics
                       Monthly Labor Review
                       National Tax Journal

Essential Collections

JSTOR Essential Collections cover the following disciplines:  

The Essential Collection covers Arts, Area Studies, Business & Economics, History, Humanities, Law, Science & Mathematics, and Social Sciences.

Life Sciences

JSTOR Life Sciences Collections cover the following disciplines:  

This Life Sciences collection provides extensive coverage in the field sciences, with great depth in botany, ecology, and ornithology, along with important titles in general science, medicine, nursing, epidemiology, and public health.

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